Cosmetics are arriving?

so recently gautam made this post:
Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 12.53.15 PM

and of course i took the time to read the whole thing…anyways, there are a lot of cool stuff that are going to happen in v2 - some of which are a new XP system, a new currency (gems), skin revamps, as well as challenges that refresh. but what I’m most interested in is this - gautam mentioned this very briefly but he basically told us one of the most exciting things (for me) in his whole post…

Cosmetics. I have suggested this before and never gotten that many acknowledgments, but it turns out gautam had thought of it too? If I’m right, this means that cosmetics are arriving and are going to be in v2!

I will definitely make posts about this in the future. What do you guys think?

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You should edit it to also mention the skin revamp he is gonna remake them all I remember him mentioning it somewhere


If cosmetics are added, It will give artists new things to draw :smiley:
It’s something that I really hope gets added.

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Yep, there were a lot of cosmetic ideas brought up in ManagePasswords’ V2 Idea Dump, like ability particles in shop, name frames, etc.


Yeah, didn’t gautam mentioned this some time ago?


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