Crucible hammer


Cool hammer but you need a skin for it and y is there a sharingan in it?


my brother does not have a skin for it, just threw it together in 5 minutes and that is not a sharingan, its a certain thing my friend

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Welcome to the community.

okay my friend

Make a skin, i like it

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he’s starting to make a skin rn and he’ll get it finished soon

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im done with the skin

Whts the symbol. No symbols plz

it’s the mark of the beast

…did you trace this from something?

no the sybol is easy to make

No, I mean the sword.

i lloke

no i look at an image from a tab and drew it

its not a sword its a hammer

i take drawing classes thats why im good at drawing

why is this mark look similar?

they are not sumular thay are frm the same thing