Evolutions still Show on Respawn


Left after I saw this so I don’t know if its purely visual, but it still needs to be fixed anyway. Its very easy to recreate so I’ll see


if u press the evol it doesn’t apply it right? if it did, that would be serious but this seems client sided

I tried recreating it but now it doesn’t show the evolutions anymore, but the tag that says “Evolutions” above it still shows, idk why its a very obscure thing

click the tag, does it show the evolutions?

Clicking text does nothing, btw it looks like this

Evolutions don’t show but label does

Interesting, I wonder what is causing this to happen?

provide steps for repro

  1. spawn in and get coins until evo menu pops up
  2. die
  3. press play again button and the bug happens

P.S. tried it again and for some reason it has the evolutions there like the first time…

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It’s happened to me also. I usually just click an evo and it disappears though, so it’s not that major.

Oh yeah forgot to mention that, now that I got the evolutions to show again I clicked it but it doesn’t make you evo, its just a visual bug

Ok will take a look, not high priority for me atm

Would that mean that malicious players could give theirselves evolutions?

pretty much

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