FIRST VIDEO coming out soon!


a while ago i announced that i had a youtube channel. and save for tons of unlisted, unedited ones, there arent actually any videos on my channel.

and so i thought…i had to change that.

so! the announcement is…my first video will be out soon!

not giving you any hints on what it is, you’ll see when you watch it! ;]

(note that when it does come out, dont expect it to be top of the class cuz uh, cuz its my first edited vid in my life lol - although i think it looks pretty decent for my first time. buut you’ll have to see when it gets released - ill keep y’all notified.)

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Can’t wait then

lol youll see i bet ten trillion $ none of u will guess it

(jk loll)

I guess that it will be a hitsync montage or smth.

Speaking of your channel, will you make non-sword battle related content?

uh, not atm but maybe. speaking of that, here’s my first vid!

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