Forum Updates - September 21 2023

It has been around 5 days since the rebrand, just want to update on the progress on the Forum and changes we did

Forum Activity

Pageviews and signups have seen a nice spike in activity


New Games

We said iogames forum is now the official place for all IO Games. We are working on collaborating with getting more devs on our platform, but two games we recently added are …

Escape Breakout! by @VulcanWM

and by @lilshake

If you haven’t already, join their communities by pressing “Manage Communities” at the top right of the home page. More on this next.

If you want to add your game to the Forum, please read this topic to see the process.

Feed Curation

Like I just said, you can now be muted from or added to communities easily here or pressing the button on top right of the home page.

Caveats: this doesn’t apply to chats yet, but you can manage your chats by pressing the pencil icon by the chat section or going here

Security & Moderation

We are committed to maintaining a secure and safe place for all gamers here, and recently we have added @Undefeated_Frager201 to our moderation team!

If you want to be a moderator, our current requirements are you must be TL3 (Trust Level 3, you can gain this by being highly active and staying out of trouble). You will know when you are TL3 (you will get a notification).

We will have a new moderator addition when we reach 2,500 members, so if you are interested, try to become TL3 by then and build a strong community on the Forum as there will be an election (more on that later)!!


That concludes our update regarding the Forum rebrand and everything. We are continuing providing an amazing experience to users and growing at a fast rate! DM me or any staff if you have any questions, and keep on playing!

- Gautam, owner @


Awesome, Great to see the community growing!

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i dont see the game at all

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you need to add it by going to Manage Communities from the top right of homepage, and select it. then your feed will contain topics about gatdamn when it’s made.

to be added to the chat, click this and press join on the channel. sorry its a bit confusing


amazing <3

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Dont u need tl4 to become mod?


Not all forums use the same progression TL4’s are uncommon here, so they make TL3 mod eligible. on amc, people often skip a few tl’s

I’m gonna pretend to be TL3 I need default req so maybe I could be mod (gautam please say you didn’t change them)

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surely there’ll be around 50 days until then

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Even then, a lot of people will vote for tl4’s only.

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