(guide) when to use anti-ailasing

so you may know that there is a feature in swordbattle.io, anti-ailasing, that when disabled gives people more fps.

but some of you may (have) notice(d) that anti-ailasing doesn’t boost fps even when it was disabled.

maybe you’ve tried both with and without anti-ailasing, only to find that your fps didn’t change at all?

well, it’s not at all because it doesn’t work. in fact, in some cases disabling anti-ailasing can dramatically improve your fps!

this is actually because of your screen’s refresh rate. if you have, for example, a 60hz monitor, then your computer will simply not be able to get higher than 60 refreshes per second (60fps).

so, basically, disabling anti-ailasing is mainly only for people whose fps cannot reach their screen’s refresh rate. to figure out your max fps, you can click on this link to find out your refresh rate.

hope this helped!

Jeebus I’ve never seen someone make so many topics that they forget what they have already done holy moly. Is this like your 5th or sixth topic now?!


nah, i knew about that: that was me when i didnt know about when anti-ailasing is used best.

this is a topic to inform others of when to use anti-ailasing

Oh alright makes sense

hope that cleared it up

kinda knew this already but helpful for the people who don’t :+1:

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yep, exactly my intention.

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