How long does it take u to get 50k?

I got 50k in 9 min but i couldnt die.
Screenshot 2022-12-13 12.23.56 PM

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takes me around 15 to 20 minutes to get there because i avoid players

2 minutes or 1 minute but you can do it after a couple of practive u got it


depends how big the pepole are and if they are anyone in top 20 i probaly cant beat them in pvp

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may i see a image of you doing it?

Fastest I did was like 10s just cause I spawned next to number 1 and he was bout to die lol

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oh cool

What he said is possible and not even hard all you need is two people with 20k+ get to 5k kill them both and there you go

idk yet

it takes you 9 MINUTES HOW DOES IT TAKE THAT LONG u just get to 200 coins kill a big bot get ur evo kill someone high get warrior then its ez

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i have been trying, now i can do it under 5 min

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no need to bulli lul

still he is top 100

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I would say 12-15 If Iā€™m trying to be aggressive, but it usually takes 16-18 minutes.

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