How much are each chest worth?

Do you know how much each chest is worth?

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idk the brown ones have the least coins while the purple ones have the most, i believe is randomized per each chest, im not sure

ok the brown r 58-10 green r 120-200 red r 300-500 blue is like500-1000 gold can drop up to 2000 as we all knoe purple can drop 5k-10k


aight, i knew it was randomized between each chest type of coins


closing topic. Pls search up b4 making a topic about it, this has been talked b4, heres the link if u want to check the original topic:

the chests amount showed there aren’t what is in game so here:
gold chest: 4k
green chest: 100coins-1k range
red chest:1k
blue chest: 2-3k
purple chest: about 12k