How to Deal With the New KKK Clan

I’m officially creating a clan known as the AKKK (anti-KKK.) We rival the KKK clan and target/keep realmz safe from racists like the KKK. Comment below to join.


I suggest renaming it to AD or AR clan (anti discrimination, anti racism) because I don’t know how to feel about adding “KKK” in the clan name


can i be a member without putting akkk in front of my name

Bro KKK got banned alr :joy:

I am prob gonna remake it a month later

Whats your username in game, i’d like to know

just saw



So are you trying to become’s first permaban? @futurepear

translate his custom status :skull_and_crossbones:

I’ll join your clan. Hit me up on discord or something. As a POC, I hate racists myself!

I will join your clan.

@Slapadabass wooper slap, ban this guy already

@saw alright thx im {THUNDER}-User_Anony

Yo that would be fire fr i already speed ran all of the bans on the forum

Join the Discord server so you can pass Sacredfish and Prookl in warns + mutes

Didn’t even know KKK clans exists in this game :skull:

Hey saw been a bit how u doing?