I am back again

I have returned back



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Avg prookl w

hater got flagged :skull:

why does prookl sound like a furry pet thing name xd

I killed you so many times

unreturn no one liked you fr fr

it doesnt lol

u never killed me so many time lol (the fact that u got killed so many times u raged, and needed team on me lol :rofl: )
such a liar
unreturn no one likes u lol
and your so bad at the game proving you kill me? please :yawning_face:
i’ll pay u to leave bruh skibiti toilet guy, ur actually boring

btw ur clan is absolublty ded
like rip [rip] :coffin:

pay me

in my 1 year of playing ive still have not seen a single rip player :skull:



Who even are you?