Acol has as of 18:30 GMT been killing innocent people who have less than 5k on the Europe server. Food Truck is his ally and the only reason he is alive. Do not trust him and kill him on sight. He is not honourable and very manipulative. For example, a few days ago he teamed with me but I have realized that this is just did that so he could peacefully farm coins. He only teams so that he can get coins and you do cannot kill him. He may be #1 in the world but he is overrated at the game. He refused a 1v1 when I was at 5k and he was over 40k instead he relied on his 2v1 skills along with food truck to kill me. Several people can verify this story they include: {CK}Sagee, Wither-King-77, {CK} Desert-Shadow.

If he has honour perhaps he should next time 1v1 me to see who the better player and not rely on FOODTRUCK to do his dirty work. I believe this has gone too deep to be resolved with words, only a fair 1v1 with Acol and FOODTRUCK.

NOTE TO MODERATORS BEFORE THEY FLAG THIS: I acknowledge this statement is very controversial and could be deemed as offensive. But in my defence, I have the freedom of speech and I have not used any inappropriate words nor any slurs and I am free to publicize my opinion.

PS: Any use of the word “kill” only means in the game (obviously) and I do not wish for any harm to Acol physically.


And {CK}Angel

saw this

I’ve been on a server with Acol before, I did fear for my life at times but as long as I stayed out of his way he was fine with me(I think)


also, in swordbattle.io, i was on your side, why’d you kill me

I will join you in this war, as of 3 minutes ago, Acol slaughtered me with no remorse, even though I didn’t pose a threat. I will join you in this crusade against Acol and his accomplice and I hope to achieve many things in this battle.

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acol me friend sum tims


did i?

this is an io game


He is like that on a crowed server as he can friend and the friend will save him. He get coins without “friend” having too many and stopping coin flow. But on empty server he is a menace and chooses one accomplice to guard his coins when he logs off and relogs in. It is a way to get coins much faster.

ur soo right

lets see

I was on an empty server with him. It was just the two of us grinding with a bunch of bots around us. At the time he was alone too. I grinded for a solid hour until I had to leave, he never attacked me

did he turn on you??


Well he may be different to different people, but as i said Angel, Wither, Sagee and Desert Shadow can back up my story

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hey slap how do u do a poll for no reason just wanna know??

I’ll dm you, I don’t want this to go off topic

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