I quit - 7clappz

I am quitting. Realmz sux, goodbye nurds. I will NOT be back, so if you perchance, quit because of me, you can come back!

Lol this makes the game so much better give dn to lazor plz thx cuzin I will be playing so much more yay BYE DONT COME BACK

Thanks, man! I really appreciate your sympathy… and don’t worry, I will certainly give DN to Lazor(which I definitely own).

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the funnies

Rip have fun

this is fake lmao

u said in the other thread that u were gonna see how many people rejoined if you quit

No, it is real

then why are you still online 17 hours later?

just wondering

I said I quit Realmz, not the forum, bud.


you were on today

I was on at school(on an emulator) so I wasn’t really playing. I just wanted to see how dead it was.

Dam u already came back

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stop reviving dead posts pls

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