Ideas for achivements

What is this program? - join the game
NUU! - get killed
Stabbed - kill someone
Verified and trustified - make an account and use it
Doubled - get a 2 killstreak
Berserk - use berserk
Tank - use tank
MOM IM SPECIAL! - use another skin other than basic skin
Fashionista - use 5 different skins excluding the basic skin
MUHAHA! - use devil skin
The corner - touch a corner of the map
Hello! - say a message in the game
Another program? - go to the discord server
IM LEAVING! - leave the game (getting killed doesn’t count)
Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! - send 100+ messages in the game
AAAA! - get disconnected from the server
Murderer - kill 10+ people
HEY I KNOW YOU! - meet codergautam in the game
In the 90’s - be in top 90 in the all-time leaderboard
Kenny - get killed 10 times
SANIC! - use the berserk power
What are you waiting for? - stay at the menu for 5 minutes
OMG NEW UPDATE! - wait for a new update and play it
A hundred thousands - get 100k coins
I remember you from somewhere… - meet the same player in the game


maybe ill add some more

Ooh I like these, I will def add some of these… @Mitblade what do you think?


I like this idea as well. Gives incentive to keep playing.

if these were real i would have all of them

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for 100k dose that mean like while playing no death or just all coins togather

same it is a good concept though in all but maybe with harder ones to get so more grinding

A lot of these topics are getting bumped up twice.


Wow, still hasn’t been added…

most old ideas are either gone or forgotten…

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please add!!

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this is so cool! yes

It’s even better that he put achievement ideas


these should have rewards for achieving them as well


Add some new ideas here!

  • Millionaire - Get 1 million coins in game
  • Sweaty tryhard - Get 5 million coins in game
  • Bully - Murder 10 players that have less than 1k coins when you have more than 5k
  • Experimenter - Use every evo in the game
  • Rich - Buy and use the dragon skin
  • Survivor - Survive 1 hour in game
  • No sleep - Survive 5 hours in game
  • Acol clone - Survive 10 hours in game
  • Exposed - Show country flag in game
  • Player - Play the game for 5 hours
  • Pro - Play the game for 50 hours
  • No life - play the game for 500 hours
  • Killing spree - Get 10 combo kills
  • Happy Birthday - Account becomes one year old
  • Vacationer - Play in two countries
  • Traveler - Play in five countries
  • Adventurer - Play in fifteen countries
  • International agent - play in fifty different countries