Ideas to make evos balanced

This is just a post where you guys can write ways to the make the evos balanced (or at least more so). So far the most difficult one is archer/archergod, but I know there are other ones: Spring Update Heavily Nerfed. Don’t just say “this evolution needs a buff, this one needs a nerf,” actually suggest some good ideas on how to do that.

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Samurai needs a buff, lumberjack needs a nerf

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frumpy why you bully me

Lumberjack already got nerfed

too much imo

I suggest that evols should get progressively better as the tiers go on, e.g. more health and damage etc.

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Why has everything been nerfed to absoloute oblivion?!

That’s how it supposed to be right now :skull:

but’s it not :skull:

cough archer

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I think default could beat it Ik for sure turtle can

beserk needs to be nerfed out from speed