Spring Update Heavily Nerfed

So @gautam The spring Update looks nice I like the background the map But use community here talking about the evolutions

So There is no really good pick or reliable evolution in the current state Lumber jack used to but just got nerfed.

So Archer/Archer God We Asked you to nerf his power up not his normal throwing sword now he deals low damage.

Juggernaut Is slow and not good pick for us pro’s only if a team it would go good with it.

Fisherman I like his pulling back ability It takes time to get used But is a knockoff of vampire but different skin and the ability of catching or bringing back enemies to you the problem it deals low damage with its normal sword and as I said like vampire (psst the goes good with juggernaut for a team)

Lumber Jack was a good pick yesterday since of the cool down of sword and power up but got I don’t really care about the power up but its has low health and make the power up 3 throwing swords to throw.

Samurai just doesn’t hit like the old day because of its low damage but kinda mid health but just higher its damage to be reliable.

My current pick right now I just go back with warrior since its the same thing.

One thing for evolutions when I sometimes don’t want to pick my fourth or third can you make something so i can X out the evolutions cause its annoying

But really I know how hard it is to balance but here is some advice is you want and thanks to @gautam for coding and @Slapadabass For cool skins and @Fish For adding the skins

Please right down your thought and Vote down Below for which evolutions you think should be buffed.

  • Samurai
  • Lumberjack
  • Fishermen
  • Juggernaut
  • Archer/Archer god
  • Vampire
  • Rook
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I like we all agree that fishermen needs a buff

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I know it will be a good pick for a team

also buffs are always better then nerfs imo

Fishermen and archer, in my opinion.

I feel like Fisherman would be a bit better if its pull ability is weaker (so they wouldn’t pull as far). In my eyes, a main issue with Fisherman right now is that when you throw your sword to pull your opponent, they end up right next to you. This gives the opponent the opportunity to land a sword swing onto you.

In PVP, sword throws are mostly used for chip damage that prevents your opponents from healing up. But with Fisherman, you are gonna have a hard time healing up when your sword throws are causing your opponents to get free hits.

NAh pull is perfect :D

I like the idea though of fishermen just make him deal damage

Gonna buff some of these!


I feel kinda bad, you’re doing so much stuff lately


and he gets paid so less too : (

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I know but it will help playership rise up Trust there would be a point of picking evultions now :slight_smile:


Yea and it’s our fault isn’t it :( I don’t want gautam to be stressed because of us

I buffed some of the classes please check and lmk how it feels

ok will go on usa 2 rn

ability didn’t work

Il go on Europe!

Bug: I click the ability button when it finished cooled down but I can’t use it

how does the Juggernaut

look never saw it