I'm re-starting it. (finally.)

so it’s been a long while since i have mentioned this…

but i’m planning to re-start my idea of making a pvp analysis series.

basically, if you haven’t seen my earlier post here, my idea was to have people (who play swordbattle.io) who are either reasonably good at pvp, on the leaderboard, or relatively famous/well-known on the forum send me clips of them doing something they think would get a high rating in terms of the different categories they will get ranked on.

also, if you fit one of those categories and would like to be ranked, just pm me for more info! even if you don’t qualify, feel free to pm me for more information as well!

anyways, the first episode will be coming soon, so expect it to be out shortly! also, when it does come out i just would like to say - please, please no hate comments about what i choose to rate others…i will make sure to ask others about their opinion, and even if you guys still don’t like the rating, well…everyone’s human, what else can i say, really?

thanks so much for understanding, and you will see episode one soon!