Is this BAD or GOOD idea for a sb skin

So, I thought of this at school… and it’s the Cotton Skin. Is it ok for me to make this. (I’m black btw)

  • Cotton Candy
  • Sheep
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cotton isnt racist, so go ahead

cotton picking tho. that has negative connotation

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cant wait to pick cotton :speaking_head:

Now you are making the possibility higher of people sayin no

Cotton candy maybe?


Cotton candy would be cool

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Maybe you could also try doing a sheep skin. The wool would look similar to cotton, but it might be easier for you to come up with a good design.

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buddy not a single person will kill you for making a cotton skin. people these days need to stop taking things out of proportion


I swear black ppl think they made cotton and when u say cotton your racists

Cotton candy! Best thing ever made.

I have yet to eat cotton candy :sweat_smile:

I’ve had cotton candy flavored things, but not cotton candy yet.

cotton candy. Has more potential.

shep skin plz

for some reason cotton is one of those words where if you read it too much you start to pronounce nonsensical syllables and think its spelled wrong.


I shall make sheep skin

Cmon shadow, cotton candy is sooo ogood

SHeep skin i feel like is gonna be pretty basic but ok

we got baa baa black sheep (or white, or gray, or brown, or… pink?)