Updated and Looking for Players!

Checkout my first .io game

Feedback is welcome, Thanks everyone!


This looks really nice, hope it gets its own category on the forum.

Edit: Played the game a bit more, it’s really great. It would be nice to have a minimap so it would be easier to find other players.

I think a mini map is doable and a great idea - especially when there are not a lot of players.

Thanks for playing!

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Could you add a mini-map? And make the borders of the map more clear? I don’t know what is a wall and what is just a column that looks like a wall. Overall, I think this game has a lot of potential if I’m being honest

This is one of the best io games I’ve seen bro. It could become a big-time one with some promoting and updates, especially with the support between mobile and computer

Yeah, I think so. I just dimmed the columns on the upper right on my local version. I’m going to try to make a mini-map and upload a revision soon!

Hey thanks! I hope so. I keep working to make it better. Hopefully I can get a good amount of players at some point.

This is a really fun game and it definitely has potential. Let me know if you would be interested in partnering with the forum to promote your game. Good luck!

I added a radar system to the game! I also made the pillars look dim if they are a background element. I’ve gotta fix a disconnect bug, then I think I’ll be ready to publish.


publishing a review of your game really soon, i think it is really good!

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Played the game also, great game.

I absolutely love the graphics, they’re so high quality.

ik right!!!

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