Join the [DE] Clan

I made a new clan called [DE]. It means the DarkLord’s Empire.

Only Players that are rated C~S tier in the tier list made 7clappz or prookl are allowed to join.

The Clan will have a leader and a council of 3~5 players that will decide more rules and the leader will have to obey the council, but the leader can elect any person for the council.

The Dark Lord
The Dark Lord’s Lieutenant


  1. Do not be toxic to other clan members.
  2. Obey your superiors.
  3. Be respectful.
  4. Show no mercy to the enemies of the clan.
  5. The Leader has almost absolute power.
  6. Even the leader needs to obey the council.

If you are able and want to join, comment below. If you don’t want to join comment nothing.

why copy me :skull:

He did NOT copy you bro

I just wanted to make a clan too.

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Stealing my clan again? smh
I thought you learned your lesson from DA and DR

all clans are kinda dead now