Moderator Election of 2023

UPDATE: The election has restarted due to a candidate decide to not participate

Hello, recently the Forum hit 2,000 members, meaning it’s time to recruit a new moderator!

Moderators are trusted members who help keep our community safe from abuse and spam. All members who were TL4 were able to apply, and here are the candidates:


Hello, my name Is F1NN I am a user on this forum who has been here for a little more than a year. Currently, I am a user who was recently made a Tl4 so I am hono(u)red to be a part of the group eligible to be a moderator of this community. My goal if I am voted moderator Is to keep the forum a civil place and make it so users do not need to get the “First Flag” badge. As well as make more wonderful skins for swordbattle. I also plan to help people learn HTML and Markdown so they can format their posts. I may not be the person who gave the most likes or posted the most but I do post quite a lot and am a calm and great person! I hope you vote me for as the new moderator of this wonderful forum! :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for reading my paragraph on why you should vote me for moderator of the Io Games Forum.


I’ve been on the forum for around a year now and I think I would be a great choice for mod. I’m always around the forum and I try my best to keep the community fresh and active, I also try to like as many posts as I can. I especially try to view and give feedback on community made skins, and I have even made a few myself. If you’re semi-active in general chat, chances are you’ve likely seen me from time to time. I would be able to take care of any problems that arise, such as spammers, ban evaders, and toxic people. Because of this I think I would make for a great mod, although I think everyone would make a great choice. Anyways, thank you for everything that’s gotten me to this point!


I think I should be moderator because I can moderate during hours when little to no mods are online. I have been apart of the community for a long time. I have consistently contributed to the forum over more than a year and finally I don’t wanna let Frager down! If you didn’t read the full thing below it is fine but thanks for reading this!


Hey! My name is incognitoes. I have been on this forum for a while now, and I post really often, almost every day. I always try to view and give feedback on the community’s posts, and my posts I make are made about many different topics. I also am the author of a weekly newspaper called the iogames weekly , and so far people have told me it is very informative to others and helps people have a recap of what is going on in the forum! Currently, I just recently got promoted to tl4 by gautam, and I am really honored to be a part of the tl4s. If I were to be voted moderator, I would try my very hardest to keep this forum a civil and exciting place to be a part of. I would keep an eye out for any toxicity, spammers, ban evaders, and more! My overall goal, if I was moderator, would be to keep the forum an enjoyable and fun place for people to talk about their opinions and ideas without any hate or toxicity. Because of this, I think I would be a great mod, though I’m sure if you are lucky enough to get this message, everyone here reading this would make an outstanding choice. Thank you for reading my paragraph on why I should be voted the next moderator of the IO Games Forum!


Hello everyone! My name is Shadowblade and I am interested in becoming the next moderator of the forum. I believe that two of my greatest strengths that best define me as a person are my dedication to this community and my passion for helping others. During my time here on the forum, my main focuses have always been providing feedback and suggestions to others in topics and discussions, and trying to be someone that people can always rely on. I believe that serving as the next moderator will provide me with the opportunity to play a more active role in supporting this community that I am grateful for. If I have the honor of being selected as the forum’s next moderator, my main priority would be to assist other moderators in ensuring that this forum is a safe and friendly place for all members to enjoy, and giving just consequences to those who attempt to disrupt this friendly environment. As someone who specializes in the art of multitasking and procrastinating on schoolwork, I believe that I am capable of committing enough time here (having spent several hours here daily, both on weekdays and weekends) to serve as a worthy moderator. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Voting begins!

The vote will last 1-2 weeks. Only TL2+ users can vote, to reduce spam. Good luck!

  • F1NN
  • Hue
  • Wasd
  • incognitoes
  • Shadowblade
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Btw, if you want to be a future moderator, keep being active in the Forum and participating in the community! Once you reach TL4, you will be eligible to be a candidate!


Let’s goooo
Good luck all TL4s :]


I made my vote for the moderators.

This means alts like @2468alt are not allowed to vote, right? Don’t worry, I’m not going to cheat the system.


Can’t wait to see who wins! Good luck everyone!


Shadowblade is officially endorsed by the CFU (Central Frog Union)


Yes, one vote per person.


Good luck everyone!


Can we do three votes per person?
Dont we need two mods ayways bc frag left?


I voted frumpy cause he followed me like a week ago :skull:


I voted for @incognitoes because they got TL4 the quickest, meaning they would be the most trusted.


I’m starting to doubt anyone actually read the reasons we gave :laughing:


That’s not how these things work… Also plz try not to show bias in ur vote like if they followed u or smtn… Vote who u think will be best in longterm


I didnt lmfao. I used my judgement
Yall will say the dame thing abyways


Probably but I mean at least you did smth


This is why I said a one sentence pitch was allowed :rofl:


Vote now!

I already realize I will lose to a certain person, and I have accepted that because they are one of the kindest people on this earth


dang it I’m not on there who would have thought that


Honestly, I do not think I am going to win, I believe Wasd has the highest chance, but I have not given up hope yet!

Vote Me!


It’s only tl4’s that are in the election