When Is Moderator Election For 2024???

The Last Election Was Moderator Election of 2023
And @Shadowblade Won That One

So When Will The 2024 Moderator Elections Begin?

Time To ReSearch

The 2023 Elections Was From November 20th to 23rd (inaccurate)
So The Chance Of 2024 Elections Happening During February To May Is Slim, And Most Schools Closing For Summer In June And July (maybe Earlier for some people) So The Elections Happening During The Summer Or Before Summer Are Also Very Slim.

So They Only Time I think the Elections are Gonna Happen Is Like Somewhere Between August To November Again

Now Next Moderator Prediction guesses

The Next Moderator Is Probably Gonna Be:

Anyways Yeah, NOT ACCURATE Im not a future Predictor or am I? but yeah that’s what I think

io games best researcher?



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4k-5k new memes

didn’t gautam announce the next moderator election was going to be at 5,000 members?

so to calculate that you just have to average the forum growth overall and calculate how many days it would take, give or take a few.


Tbh wasd is going to get mod, he’s the only one here who deserves it.

yep agreed, (also if its alr with you @Victor.XenVixOwner can i make an updated version of this with tons more info (more accurate+ math to back it up? will credit u)

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Me personally
I think it’ll be

Hue if he ever becomes active again
Aaaaand I think that’s about it unless someone else gets super active
(TL4s probably)


Since when was Number1 tl4?

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I mean in the future (probably you too tbh, you’re pretty active)


K i dont really care so ye

thanks slap i mustve clicked the wrong Catagory

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He Did And Thats Why it Isnt Gonna Be During Now Or Summer Cuz the forum wont grow that quick


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I’m not active enough?

I just mean I never see you anymore, I miss you :[