More Suggestions


  1. Mesa: Could have tumbleweeds
  2. Rocky Biome: A biome filled with rocky mountains
  3. Spider Forest Biome: This could be part of the zombie world
  4. Mushroom Biomes


  1. Cactus Slimes: Similar to the spiked slimes
  2. Wolves: Neutral mobs, attack in packs
  3. Tortoise: World-building mobs
  4. Giant Spiders: There could be variants of smaller and faster spiders that leap, bigger and slower spiders, and medium-sized spiders that shoot webs.
  5. Wolverines
  6. Otters
  7. Hippopotmus
  8. Scorpions: Inflicts new effects called poison.
  9. Alligators/Crococdiles:
  10. Mushroom-themed Mobs
  11. Wombats


  1. Tesla Coil: It will have three modes, the first would be creating a circle of electricity around the player, the second would be shooting lightning that could chain a maximum of three targets, and the third would be the Tesla coil rotating and shooting projectiles like the cyber blaster. It could branch out from Rune Mage (not sure of the name).


  1. Mounts: Able to ride certain mobs. Only players who are above 50 levels could ride mobs.
  2. Fighting Between Mobs: Some animals could attack other mobs.
  3. Hunting: There would be a random chance for meat to drop from mammal mobs like rabbit variants and meerkats and it could heal players. Mushrooms and toadstools would drop mushrooms instead of meat and toadstools could rarely drop toadstool soup.


  1. Butcher: Has more chances of meat dropping from mobs.


For mechanics:
1 - You can ride some mobs right now like slimes with commands which is funny
2 - Yes - this can give biomes more depth
3 - this would be good for a gamemode that has items/building

Some Additional Suggestions


  1. Artic Foxes
  2. Fennec Foxes
  3. Centipedes
  4. Caracals
  5. Pangolins
  6. Bears
  7. Hyenas
  8. Seals
  9. Tapirs
  10. Horse: It could be one of the mountable mobs


  1. Triple Crossbow: Crossbow that shoots three arrows at once.
  2. Battle Axe: Acts like a paladin, but after it hits the next time it will attack backward.
  3. Mana Flail: Please add it again.
  4. Zen Monk: Class from, acts like an aura shield, but you can shoot the projectiles with three orbs. The projectiles will respawn after some time.
  5. Orb Sage: Same as Zen Monk but do more damage and 4 orbs instead of three
  6. Mortar: It can rotate, but only in a certain arc, branches from Grenadier, and shoots shells that do splash damage.
  7. Artillery: It can rotate only in a certain arc. It branches from mortar and shoots a rocket that does bigger splash damage and more damage.


  1. Weapon Cooldown Bar: A bar or indicator that shows the cooldown of the weapon.


  1. Self-Destruct: Explode on Death or leaving the game.


  1. Forts: Players will be split into teams and each side takes time to gather resources to build a fortress and build traps after that the players will attack each other’s fort or defend it.


  1. Bat Boss: A giant bat boss. It can use its wings to create winds and charge at players. Also, it has two legs and can be used to swipe or grab players.
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i want a fireworks shoot as a lvl 70 upgrade as crossbow

ain’t no way gautam took your idea

Are you talking to me or future?

no i talking to future



when person get lvl 500, they can upgrade to “nuker” and use a-bomb to kill everyone in server (server wipe)

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