my first yt video in a MONTH...

so some of you might’ve noticed…i haven’t published a video on my yt channel in about a month. but it wasn’t because i quit.

it was because i was concentrating all my time on the video out now ;].

since i dont know much about editing, i decided to really try to get better by making a video that actually hitsyncs- this took me a ton of effort, if you like it feel free to like, subscribe, and comment!

my first video in about a month…hope you like it!

also, lmk down below if you have any suggestions, whether it be content, editing, or musicwise. now here it is!

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its gone


here is it again, idk does that fix it? it works for me

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Editing is better than I can ever achieve but the content itself is stupid you’re styling bots and not even achieving it

i agree, i am styling bots but my content is mainly styled after a mc shorts yter (boxing, hitsyncs, whatnot) and they do use, do they not? i see no difference.

also: at the end i do beat players, xd

and- @Number1 this is what i mean by runners lmfao see the “Player” guy?? and actually the other guy too :joy:

Nice, but would rather watch a video that has to do with players.

Never know has minecraft hit noise in background like the song ngl is so trash cause u dead rec it from a minecraft short and just played it 3 times like bruh find the real song
._. Bro had me here going with mc hits in the background nah bro.

And dont ping me sir i would’nt like a email that i got pinged by you. If you ping me at least make be useful

I’d rather watch real 1v1s then this
Editing is good-
content is so mid it could be in a sandwich and unnoticed

here’s a part where i do beat players- also the main point is so that the combos can hitsync while th players run. (but here’s the link)

Just Can’t Get Enough-The Black Eyed Peas. Album: The Beginning.

i included the minecraft hit sounds because otherwise there would be no sound so the hitsync wouldn’t be satisfying. i did not take this from anybodys short, i went in minecraft and hit someone, then cut off the ends and copied and pasted on the beat.

k, will do in the future.

how would i hitsync that though? the main content pitch im doing atm is hitsyncs/combotages/montages.

also, if you really want to have a 1v1 in it i could do the one where i fought u lmaooo

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bruv, skilzzz was on… If you challenged him in a 1v1 he wouldn’t of ran. although i don’t think you can combo him… or even beat him

yeah there is? there’s sound in the game last time i checked

get better? i can easily combo some players and better players can even combo me

you can cut out the places without combos…

usually if you have max speed you can corner runners and combo them on the border wall

yeah that would be good, but i still couldn’t hitsync it also i had to go shortly after recording that so i didnt get to.

there is, just not in the recording.

that would be less smooth, im trying to stay away from that.

yeah agreed, but it would be less clean to spend so much time chasing them to the wall which would disrupt the flow

also you never responded to my point?

all of this sounds like excuses of being scared of skilz. @SKILZZZ what do you think?

your job to make it smooth

bahahah now i dont deny that skillz is better than me. either way i had to go, so i couldnt.

how, though?? just randomly cut when its clear its at the same place and time???

you already do it… every bot kill you get you cut to the next. or you can just speed up the footage when there are no combos