Nerf throws and bots to the ground plez

This is just straight up bad now, before there would be 1 or 2 ppl who spammed sword throws while running away but now it is everyone. A simple solution would be to half sword throw dmg and stop it from scaling with the dmg upgrade.

Secondly, bots are still too aggro. They follow you around, randomly roach you and overall despite there being a so called nerf to them, I feel as if nothing has happened in the first place

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U are right about the bots, G. I donโ€™t know how many times where iโ€™m 1v1ing a guy and it turns into 1v4 with a bunch of random bots attacking me.

Bots being randomly agro is really bad and I want it to go back to v1 bots. Bots should be bots and not mimic the behavior of humansโ€ฆ
I think another good fix is to nerf swordthrow recoil and range. Currently swordbattle feels like long ranged, unfair shooter game because little guys can do the same damage with swordthrowsโ€ฆ

Bots were technically not made LESS aggro, they just attack you for less time now (very stupid shouldโ€™ve just made them neutral)

In terms of throwing Iโ€™m kinda biased cuz I only have throwing skill but I think maybe the knockback should be reduced a bit and the damage by a small amount and thats really it


Ig but sword throws should just be a secondary way to fight people and not as powerful as it is now


sword throwing is completely balanced

Bump cuz I dunno how much a โ€œnerfโ€ is

Nah, Iโ€™m ok with throws (I got hella good aim so sword spammers arenโ€™t that effective on me) but the bots need to be more chill. They just randomly start roaching people.

I beg your pardon?

Yea but timing your hits should be the main aspect to deal dmg not running away then throwing a sword and running away again

i want one of two things for bots:

  1. They go back to V1 mode
  2. they get extremely intelligent so they actually act like real people and only attack for a reason (ex. chests or coins)
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Imo they should just target chests then other bots and then finally players at like ~5k


and sword throws are crazy
just nerf Berserker altogether fr

Obviously if a player attacks the bot it can either run away or fight back

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Imo beserker is fine I just donโ€™t like swordtnrow dmg. Make it half the amount it is rn

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literally, as a tank, a berserker could sword throw you the whole time
(also, what u got against Charzard?)

Sucks for anyone who canโ€™t sword throw like me. I see what yaโ€™ll mean, itโ€™s called โ€œSwordBattleโ€ not โ€œSwordSnipersโ€, but like I said: I know how to combat against a โ€œhit & runโ€ stylized player (like Leon). I beat them at their own game, so just get better at sword throwing. As for bots, yaโ€™ll 100% on that.

if they wanna snipe, use archer

Hit and run is not good imo and it encourages annoying behaviour like running.


I know. I donโ€™t go to that (as its weak and you donโ€™t get better by doing it) but Iโ€™m just saying I can handle any Hit-an-Runner.