New Codergautam Skin 🗣️

guys this skin is so fire!! :speaking_head: :fire:



wait… this is in the game??

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how do you get it? checks account I can pay you 3 gems :D

use requestly

Run the v2 code on your own computer and add a skin

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How? How do I do that?

I made a guide

I made a tutorial

But how are there other people in-game then

because I’m a sigma

Nah it’s edited. Look how the skin goes over the player’s healthbar.

Really cool skin tho.

its edited

yeah you can see from how the sword goes into the player differently than usual- proportions are different? idk loll

does it work on chromebook?

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wdym it’s real guys

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Ah that’s my bad then. Guys, it’s real. frumpy’s a sigma, he would never deceive us :slight_smile:

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fr fr