Q and A Penguin

Here i asked people if they wanted to take part in Q and A Question And Answers

In the comments ask the selected person a question and they will reply


Be polite.

Stay on topic.

Ask clear and short questions.

Ask one question at a time.

Avoid repeating questions.

Be open to different viewpoints.

Give constructive feedback.

Don’t attack personally.

Listen without interrupting.

Ask relevant follow-up questions if needed.

Ready when you are @penguin

If you want to take part vote in the poll in the top link!

What country do u live in?
Have any pets?
Favourite Animal?
Favourite person on forum?
Favourite SW Skin?

i has in the pew pew fire nation

do slaves count?

penguin ofc

wasd ofc

me think u meant sb skin, idk what sw skin has. fave sb skin is da sad skin bc its such a horrible skin but is unobtainable in v2 so ppl think ur stupid or smth and that perfectly describe me

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dis is ama but other ppl force me into a ama. i too bored to take this srsly

oh waits, my v2 ama is still open someone merge dis with AMA PenguinLord V2

danke in advance

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