Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers:

What IS IT:

If you do not know i am scared

Just where people ask questions about people and people answer

How it works:

You can vote in poll if you want to join and i will create a topic explaining a bit about you that you DM me people ask you questions and you reply them with answers SIMPLE


Be polite.

Stay on topic.

Ask clear and short questions.

Ask one question at a time.

Avoid repeating questions.

Be open to different viewpoints.

Give constructive feedback.

Don’t attack personally.

Listen without interrupting.

Ask relevant follow-up questions if needed.

Since many people do not trust me (IDK how) I will be the first Q and A ask questions to me and i will reply :blush:

Good Luck :wink:

I want to be a QandA Participant
  • Sign Here
  • And Here
  • Oh Yeah Here As Well
  • P.S has to be active
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