Reacting to (aka, roasting) my first post (hilarious)

yeah, you heard me right! imma be reacting to my first post now :joy: lol

soo my first post is: This idea = hard work. (pls keep reading tho

first - let’s start with the title… This idea = hard work. (please keep reading tho.

yeah…that isn’t exactly starting on the right foot. why on earth did i discourage people from adding my ideas! :joy: !

also - i literally forgot to close my parentheses in the title…talk about unprofessional! lol why didn’t i just take a literal second to see if my title had any errors!! (as i can observe i was quite lazy back then :skull:

anyways. let’s not even start on the things i wrote in there :skull:.

(here’s a screenshot of my topic so you can easily refer to it while i’m reacting to (roasting) my first topic.)

because my first and second sentences are like…undoing the tension built up in the title, so why call the title that anyways?

secondly, that big blob of text looks unreadable… i feel bad for all of you who read that… :skull:

alright, and the ideas are ok, i guess, but still, the title could’ve been related to my actual proposal rather than some click-baity discouragement. :joy:

alr i think im done with roasting poor old me’s topic. incog out (xd)

wow everyone should do this

this is so youtube-esqe

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yeah this would be cool i feel like

never thought of that lol but ig so

Make a chain topic where we can reply so there aren’t a bajillion topics made



I’m getting sick of half the new posts being incognito posts and now I’m going to do the same!!

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