Comment your first post along with your reaction! (chain)

soo this idea was inspired by my topic Reacting to (aka, roasting) my first post (hilarious), and the specific idea for this post came from wasd.

basically, just like i did in my topic, react (roast, lol) your first post in this topic here! this is a sort of a chain to prevent the forum being spammed by posts like mine should others take inspiration from my post.

enjoy, and feel free to comment on someone’s reaction if you find it interesting/funny!

(special thanks to wasd for suggesting this idea)

my 1st post was this lol its weird

Reacting to both my first topic and first reply:

First reply:

I remember having self-hatred last year. Glad my self-confidence is a bit higher now. :slight_smile:

First post:

It’s funny how getting 20 million coins or Assassin seemed like an achievement back then.

it is XD

my best skin is cylinder

Welcome CsmicWarlord to the team! - #24 by 3RG3R
idk what my first topic is, prob a skin.



Bruv how many posts are you creating :skull:

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