Since the game doesn’t have any lore yet, I made some of my own by basing it on Castaway’s dialogues and my thoughts. If you think something could be changed comment below.

Warning: The Lore could change because of new mobs, mechanics, and maps. Also, the lore isn’t finished yet and I will add more lore later when I think of them.

Main Story:

DR. Erthernton IV:


Realm Hoppers:

Goblins: Goblins have a primitive civilization and will team up on enemies. They are fanatics who serve the Goblin Warlock. They live in camps in the arid grasslands. Their favorite food is the blood of Realm Hoppers and gnomes.

Gnomes: Gnomes live in the jungle in their small villages quietly. They are boring and like to do nothing. But when provoked they will attack with no mercy. Their origins are unknown, but they could be artificial creatures.

Ancient Statues: Sleeping guardians that seemed to be guarding ruins and awaken if a great force disturbed them. They were likely created by some ancient race.

The Erthium Eye:

The Mechanical Terror:


Mechanical Terror:
A ruthless machine when awakened - it was made by said doctor as an experiment to see how far mechanical security could be taken, but as the doctor’s mental health deteriorated from being underground for most of his life, he started developing a hate for humanity, & decided to make it an instrument of mass destruction fueled by the radiation of the erthium biome nearby, thus prompting the erthium biome to take control of an erthling to become the erthium eye as a security protocol, thus explaining why you need to beat the eye before you can beat the mechanical terror. The doctor died before it could be finished, & after his death, it was infected by an unknown malware to give it sentience, giving it potential to refuel after defeat by itself. The infector is still unknown to this day.

Erthium Eye:
An erthling taken over by the malicious forces of the erthium biome. It was intended to destroy connections with the mech as its power relied on the biome, therefore it needed to drain the erthium the biome already had. It is unknown which erthling was infected - some say it was the doctor who made the Mechanical Terror himself, chosen for his knowledge & of his creation. It is never truly defeated - once killed, the pedestal has the amazing ability to revive the eye at full health, at the price of giving a chance for the Terror to recharge.

I am lore mastre

The doctor’s name was Dr. Erthenton IV.

I didn’t even make that up lol.

If you say “Mech terror” or “mechanical terror” near castaway, it will eventually say something about Dr. Erthenton IV.