Say NO to bullying

There have been many bullies on the category recently. If they bully you make sure to click the little flag button and they will stop.


ok :+1:

ok :+1:

what little flag?

press the “…” button then the flag

Futurepear we both are on a hitlist

Press the “…”
Press the flag
If it’s bullying click “It’s Inappropiate”

Tbh I can’t be talking bc I bully people

Bullying is cool

Ok ill bully u

future is bully

You,re mom

ok :+1:

bruh say this to clappz

tf did i do


I used to subconsciously “bully” people online and got banned from a couple communities I loved. I still think it was unfair.

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big bully get flagged

ok :+1: