Skin ideas for!

A thread for skin creators who don’t know what skin to make.

Please refrain from chatting here, this thread should only contain ideas for skins.
Side note, to get started making your own skins, read this!

Anyone can post their ideas for skins below!

Ok, I’ll start

Here’s a few skin ideas (generated by GPT)

  1. Gamer Cat Skin
  2. Paperclip Skin
  3. Dandelion Skin
  4. Hockey Skin
  5. Wizard Skin
  6. Boomerang Skin
  7. Golf Skin
  8. Cowboy Hat Skin
  9. Superhero Skin
  10. Lips Skin
  11. Pineapple Skin
  12. Rainbow Skin
  13. Cardboard Box Skin
  14. Dragon Skin
  15. Viking Skin
  16. Sweetheart Skin
  17. Rebel Skin
  18. Bubblegum Skin
  19. Phoenix Skin
  20. Genie Skin
  21. Pizza Skin
  22. Star Skin
  23. Butterfly Skin
  24. Tiger Skin
  25. Jewelry Skin
  26. Dragonfruit Skin
  27. Mermaid Skin
  28. Medieval Skin
  29. Robot Skin
  30. Banana Skin
  31. Octopus Skin
  32. Wild West Skin
  33. CPU Skin
  34. Wolf Skin
  35. Cyborg Skin
  36. Spy Skin
  37. Gamer Glasses Skin
  38. Unicorn Skin
  39. Astronaut Skin
  40. Gargoyle Skin
  41. Beach Ball Skin
  42. Bread Skin
  43. Ancient Skin
  44. Ace Skin
  45. Fish Chips Skin
  46. Aztec Skin
  47. Banana Split Skin
  48. Popcorn Skin
  49. Burger Skin

Heh… HAHAHAHA!!! Time to stay up until5:00 am making skins!

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50: touch grass skin


clown skin

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Nightmare skin

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forest demon skin


Ork skin

@Slapadabass dragonfruit plz, make it good

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A dragon
A butcher knife with white liquid dripping from the end

Thers literally already a dragon skin

U cant see the deleted msgs so u dont know the context

O my god that’s an awsome skin idea @Slapadabass do it pls

Yay he did it

penguin skin?? (I only trust @frumpy to do this no one else)

AI has good ideas