Snek skin voting topic

please vote
Screenshot 2022-11-02 7.44.11 PM

  • add snek skin
  • dont add snek skin
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who voted dont add?

show your self :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

i just posted this 5 seconds ago why is the getting so many votes already

if you vote no imma vote no for you :slight_smile:

Me. I sed no

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why :frowning:

the skin is a bit messy, and the sword need some work. But pretty good skin!

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How do you add a vote to a thread?

Separate thread*

please vote :slight_smile:

  • tell him how
  • dont tell him how
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Sword is bad

I said no because the sword and the skin are different graphics

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i made the sword in 5.3 seconds

Well that would be why

that dont matter i can fix that

Make art styles the same and it’ll be great!

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u dint make tht

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did too

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