so who do yall think the worst player is?

Who do you guys think the worst player is? I usually hear noobs like hi, agenthershey, and intrepidsword, but I’m kinda wondering who yall really think it is. Personally, I think its someone like agenthershey or agentcracker cuz Ive never seen those trashcans even above lvl 50 :skull: .

It’s me fr


slap is sad rn don’t worry abt what he says

holup im not anoob im on rn 1v1 me

this is so hard to describe the “worst player” this means they have to be returning, but they’re also learning about the game still getting more experience, which means the actual worst is a random guest that doesnt even know how to attack, but they aren’t returning like a player would.
so like idk maybe its agentclan losers

I know I am not the worst player because I don’t even play the game anymore.

Nah it me fr

I’m def not the worst

bruh, i’m the worst player, I don’t have a single kill yet

my friend is 10chen a bot real

my highest level is 72.

take that as you will


Locked post - this post has no value it just bullies players

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Locked? I can still close the post thi

Idk how to lock

At the bottom of each post’s reply section there is a spanner and if you click that there is a menu of options

You can do the same thing to posts