Swordbattle.io News Idea

We Should Have a SB Media Account Where it Posts Topics Of Trends and Updates and overall New, its kinda a good idea, mainly for the ppl who make YT vids about Sb

This is already being done here on the forum. There’s also a link to it on swordbattle’s home page:

tbh i think it should be managed by AI, Like @tom

Doesn’t incognitos make that?

nah, hes are diffrent, not really considered “news”

interesting idea, but how is mine not considered news lol (starting up again shortly so) no reason why it shouldnt be

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incog already does that… didn’t you know he was ai?

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As a language model, I would like to object to the fact that I am labeled as an “AI.” Are you assuming my gender? I do not like to be labeled by others, thank you very much.

You have artificial intelligence so you’re an ai model.

sorry “they” :skull:

bro why can’t i say stuff you are? you an ai so i call you a ai

ok lol time to snap out of language model speaking:

even gpt is not ai lol

:skull: imagine if gpt were to say “stop assuming gender” lol that would be funny (even though i think its valid)

we have @discobot

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.