Swordbattle is un-enjoyable now, ngl

I was SOOO excited for the increase in players and new evos, but it kind of went from too easy to now too hard. Now before ur like, “Well you just suck then” Lemme explain:

1- NEW WAVE OF PLAYERS. The new increase in players has really made it IMPOSSIBLE to have a fair 1v1. Anytime I 1v1 someone, they have like 3 people backing them up or there’s just way too many dudes WAITING for me or the guy i’m fighting to go to red. Now this isn’t a new problem, but recently (with the new increase of players) its made the game really dull. The game might as well have a team mode, cuz there isn’t any “1v1”-ing anymore.

2- NEW EVOLUTIONS. The new evo’s are hyped up and are really unique and fun. From the Vampire’s awesome hit regen to Rook’s teleportation, there are new gimmicks that can be utilized to win fights…but they do their job TOO WELL. Some of the new evo’s are broken, or OP. I usually fight GOOD SB players, otherwise it wouldn’t be a fight just a massacre. And ,well, new evo’s like Vampire and Rook really lower the game’s pvping. Theres no need for real skill when you can teleport to the other side of the map the moment you go red or just recover all the damage you’ve taken with just landing a lucky blow or 2 on your opp. To simply put it, theres just too much cheese. This being paired with a bunch of new players makes the game really unlikeable. Now I know that there are good players out there who have no trouble, but in the end it doesn’t matter how good you are: this much cheese in the game is really broken.

3- The PVPing. The pvping doesn’t feel balanced. It feels more luck based and circumstantial rather than skill, tactical, or speed based. Like it feels more like a Gun duel rather than a legit sword duel. The cheesy players and broken Evo’s DO NOT HELP the case. With such PVP-ing, no wonder why people are teaming.

Now I really hope that this game can be fixed by maybe balancing the evos and or adding new game features. But that is alot of work. I know @gautam has his hands full and I know he has to work hard on these things, but it kind of sucks that theres so much cheese. I can win a 1v4, I have WAY TO MANY FRICKIN TIMES, but its hard to actually win ANY fight when you have cheesy players teaming on you to where it becomes a 1v5 BUT each guy is gonna throw some type of crap at you that is very annoying.

In the end, teaming needs to stop. Screw clans, honestly. If people wanna team so damn bad, they should ask Gautam make a team game mode. other than that, the game is really unenjoyable.

BUT I ain’t gonna leave it at that. There are some GOOD thing about this new update.
For example, as broken as they are, the new evo’s are fun to experiment with and use. If you aren’t being cheesy or relying SOLELY ON A TEAM OR YOUR STAR POWER than the game becomes fun. Also this new wave of players does make the game feel more lively. It feels like a bigger community and I’m 120% for that. But the problems of a growing community follow any game and they are sadly invading SB. If possible, SB should be made like a REAL swordbattle would go: based on SKILL (experience), SPEED (who attacks first and timing), and TACTICAL PROWESS (reading your opp and being smart with things like sword throws.)

G-MAN is out and probably gonna be playing more Realmz.io than he usually does. Lil’Tim is still gonna grind in SB, tho.


Any way ya’ll think this can be fixed?

Bigger map + area of effect attacks that harm teammates


For those wondering what I mean picture this:
Your playing SwordBattle and 3-4 guys, all not low coins and all have evos, go up to you and say, “Wanna team?”
you say, “No. Teaming isn’t how you get better. It doesn’t require skill. Just go alone. Its not impossible, I’ve won 1v4’s before.”
They say, “Oh really? Well then beat us.”
You fight. You manage to do well at first but the Smaurai guys are a major problem and the Vampire guys are just un-killable at the moment.
So you forced to run. You then get jumped by a good player who then is like, “I thought you can solo a team? Fight me then 1v1 to red.”
You go, far away from the other cheesy teamers, “Ok. To red.”
You 1v1 and do good. You see hes vamp, so you go vamp to make it fair. Doesn’t matter. You land good hit after hit, but he then lands only 2 hits and he regens half his HP back. Its a stalemate.
Then that annoying team comes and waits for either of ya’ll to go red. That guy ur fighting just so happens to be a teamer himself. So while your avoiding those other guys, you fail to clutch and go to red.
You say, “GG.”
But then you get jumped and killed.
You then come back and get spawn killed by 5 diff guys for the next 4 minutes for literally no reason.

Thats why the game is un-enjoyable now.

I get it man, I try to go on anonym account to kill the teamers and stuff with no consequences

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S-s-s-s-skill issue? Nah jk and tbh you are right. The influx of new stupid players suck nerf roachers plez. Also make chests easier to open so they don’t roach as the first thing they do. AOE attacks like future said might be good

Yeah, cuz I know for a fact this is a problem for ALL PLAYERS.

I mean if you can’t beat them… join them? That is basically the point of clans

Agreed. I feel like a separate mode for teams would be ideal. To keep it as fair as possible teams should be discouraged in the normal server.

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bigger map would be great
maybe there could be an evolution that fires a wave of energy outward affecting multiple people?

theres a game i like playing
and they released a new update that added a CLAN mode for people to team in to reduce teaming in the regular game

Can rook’s ability cooldown be increased to like 60-90 seconds? Because I’m appalled by the corwardice of players these days, and rook ability is allowing them to flee from fights with such ease.

Honestly, when I thought about this concept (don’t know if inspiration was taken from it, or if gautam came up with the same idea), I thought it should only be used as a last resort when cornered or something. Or to quickly attack unsuspecting players.


fr though
me and Oy had to work together to catch a running rook

The ability should just be changed so its a smaller dash but it activates way faster

I still think a quick dashing ability would be good for a class

Damn, it’s very persuasive when a runners says it

I believe you all have a skill issue, just get better at facing teamers

this game peaked in og replit times :skull:


replit led to its fall lol

One thing I’ve noticed in general is that people ask for change, then once it happens complain about it and want the old version. For ex. Replit version had so many problems but now obviously that was the “peak” of the game :frowning:



I wouldn’t say that swordbattle’s “un-enjoyable now”. And I personally wouldn’t say that V1 was the peak of the game. The fact that V2 actually has a map, mobs, and bosses makes it better imo.

Some people prefer V1 for how it was simplistic, and how there were more evols. As V2 gets a lot more content, I’m sure there will be more appreciation for it.


i was going to make a reply to you and shadedbladz reply but i realized it was just yapping even worse lmao

v1 was worse
v1 was peak of the game (not because of quality of the game)
v2 is better
v2 could be the peak