Swordbattle is un-enjoyable now, ngl

i like fighting everyone except Oy and Number
cause then I know ill die lol

Vamp is quite good to deal with roachers and stuff

I stopped playing

relatable lol

theres only 1 “good” io game left lmaooo
its NOT swordbattle btw


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And me…

Unless its me then theres no dieing xd

All games recently havent been enjoyable not just sb only time ive enjoyed playing a game recently was celeste and ts dropped years ago games currently feel soulless and lack passion outside of the devs being held at gunpoint forced to make horrible remakes of older beloved games Caugh caugh call of duty Cough cough

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Excluding elden ring shadow of the erdtree ts was peak fiction as expected

i bought celeste for summer sale
idk when ill play it

Really fun game you should play it (gl with the bsides if you get to them lol)

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