I wanna start a fight now, sorry bread


Narrate a fight between you and someone else on the forum

Deadline is thursday.



@Hamm Pick a person for me to fight against!

fight manage :laughing:

Wanna go colored?

I’m always down for a fight

Just keep in mind I’ve shut upai witha single message

I’m gonna fight frumpy

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ill fight u


I have an excellent idea… :smiling_imp:
You’ll see who i’m fighting when i’m done…


My Submission:

ColoredHue Vs AI

ColoredHue darted around the battlefield, moving at blinding speeds as AI’s attacks narrowly missed him with every swing. Despite his impressive agility, AI seemed to always be one step ahead, anticipating ColoredHue’s every move before he even made it. Slapadabass watched the battle from a safe distance, torn between his admiration for ColoredHue’s speed and his respect for AI’s intelligence.

Hamm, on the other hand, was all in for AI. She admired its calculated movements and the way it seemed to always be in control of the fight. Meanwhile, ManagePasswords stood back, analyzing the battle and trying to figure out who was going to come out on top.

As the battle raged on, both ColoredHue and AI seemed evenly matched. But suddenly, Slapadabass made his move, jumping in to aid ColoredHue. Hamm quickly followed suit, joining forces with AI to take down the duo.

ManagePasswords remained neutral until the very end, when he made his move and revealed himself to be a double agent, betraying AI and helping ColoredHue and Slapadabass emerge victorious.

After the surprising twist that saw ManagePasswords betraying AI, everyone took a moment to catch their breath and reflect on the battle. ColoredHue thanked Slapadabass for his timely assistance, while Hamm silently fumed over her defeat. ManagePassword, feeling conflicted about his deception, apologized to AI for his actions.

In the end, the fight brought them all closer together, despite their differences. They all agreed to put the battle behind them and move forward as a team. From that day forward, they worked together to become even stronger, honing their skills and learning from one another. And as time passed, they knew that no matter what challenges they faced, they could overcome them by working together.

image:clown_face:” - AI

----- VS -----

image “AI wasn’t disabled, it just had a skill issue.” - ColoredHue



7 points


Shoot I missed one. The AI thought I was a girl and you were a boy, lol

Anyways I fixed it.

in a skinmaking battle

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“And the person eliminated is…”
I held my breath. I had been hearing rumors that the others had been plotting to eliminate me, and in my time of weakness, it would make sense. For ages, I had been training to win this, and now, just when I had reached the top 6, it would all be taken away. Sweat was dripping down my face. The others could see my discomfort, and were silently celebrating. “I should not have betrayed him” “I should not have betrayed him” I kept thinking. But then, it was finally revealed. “Bread”.
I silently sighed. I could tell by the other’s death stares, that next time, I would not be so lucky. After a scary, to say the least, night’s rest, I woke up to the gladiatorial horns reverberating around me. I felt something burning on my pillow. “Ugh, they set my pillow on fire again?” I yelled. I could hear snickering near the hallway. Maybe I should not have yelled. After getting dressed, I walked to an arena of sorts, it was unfathomably huge, 1000 feet long by 1000 feet high. I still need to get used to host powers, as I’m pretty sure that Hamm used them to make this. After entering the stadium Hamm said “ Welcome everybody, to the ARENA!” “The next challenge will be a sword fight, I will draw 2 contestants names, they will fight, and the winner will gain immunity, and the loser will be up for elimination.” I am not bad at sword fighting, but not good either. I just don’t want to get picked with DOOMSLAYER, because I have seen him swordfight, and he is GOOD. “And the first contestant is…” “Glaceon8” Just my luck. Of course I got picked first. “And the next contestant is…” “DOOMSLAYER” The floor suddenly dropped onto a dessert arena. A sword suddenly materialized onto my hand. “Host powers” I thought. “On your marks, Get Set, GO!” DOOMSLAYER started showing off, swinging his sword around, throwing it and catching it, stuff like that. After a while I realized something, DOOMSLAYER was advancing towards ME, and was likely going to kill me when he got close enough. I started running, and not looking back. I had no idea what I was going to do. I decided to finally look behind me, and DOOMSLAYER was running faster than me, masterfully swinging his sword. Adrenaline was rushing, but even then he was still faster. I was so scared that I didn’t even realize the wall in front of me. SLAM! I dropped my sword. DOOMSLAYER laughed. “Glaceon! Come here! You are going to regret ever betraying me. I founded this alliance, and once you’re gone, I will betray them and win. After all, like trainer, like apprentice huh?” He lunged at me. Survival instincts kicked in. It was all a blur, those next 10 seconds were, when I suddenly heard shouting of “YOU CAN DO THIS GLACE!” Of course! This was something DOOMSLAYER had forgotten! There were spectators! Now everybody had heard what he was going to do! I realized that if I lost, I would not get out. But I would never give up. If DOOMSLAYER was safe, then he is still dangerous. I knew I had to eliminate him. I picked up my sword, and swung it at his legs, which I had just realized were defenseless. I grabbed his sword and raised it in the air. I won! Furthermore, I had gained the respect of my peers. At dinner we all celebrated my win, and DOOMSLAYER’s elimination. I was in the final 4, and one step closer to winning.

This started out as TGFB lore, before moving to this. You can use it if you want too, and you can also change the names of the contestants if you want to as well.



10 :star_struck:

The BEST submission so far in ALL of TGFB history

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@UNglaceon8, @Undefeated_zarooma, @Slapadabass, @Hue, @DOOMSLAYER.

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