The great forum battle 1: starving artists

the first challenge of the great forum battles:

make me a food-related skin

that's it, best combined skins win! however, you have until monday Good luck!

ye @3̸̨̭͕̩͆̎͆ЯᎶ3̶̝̦̗̭̭̑Я all you since ur in my team

lets gooo

i literally cant make skins at the moment, i dont have my phone and i cant do digital computer art

but, i shall try my best

ok but now im hungry im going to eat smth

@Hamm is this everyone makes a ski? or the whole team


everyone does

Nice! (hopefully i won’t get eliminated first)


How many skins can a team make for each user?

Like how many skins can be made per user

1 I already asked ):

Only one counts per user
but if you like the idea of food, you can make more!


ah yes, the beggining of TGFB

Hard to believe it was 3 months ago…

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Yeah. Time flies.


ik it started a little after i joined.