(the reveal) this tactic was kept from the community for almost *2 years...*

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people say getting the first hit is the best way to start a combo in swordbattle.io. this is not true, contrary to popular belief.

because the tactic i’m about to tell you about shows you a way to combo that might even be better than getting the first hit.

now, this is a somewhat advanced technique, so you will have to know at least the basics of pvp in swordbattle.io to master this easily.

the technique? hit-selecting.

and i can say without a doubt that once you’ve mastered hitselecting, you will almost double your skills in starting combos, just because it works so well.

it works so well, actually, that it was practically kept hidden from the community for almost 2 years now - or maybe this technique is still unheard of.

this technique has not been spread or mentioned in the forum since its release date. nevertheless, this will be the day when this tactic is finally revealed to the community.

so let me explain how to do it.

so, hitselecting pretty much is all about using hit cooldowns and the timing of trade hits to give you an advantage.

usually, when you trade hits with someone, you will both get knocked back because you both will be hitting each other at (roughly) the same time and dealt each other the same amount of knockback.

but when you hit-select, you allow your opponent to get the first hit and then you hit them a second later after you have already taken the knockback of the hit.

so, you get launched backwards from the knockback, and then you hit them a second later, but this means that you will get knocked back from the hit first, which, as said, gives you the advantage of being totally in control of your movement, which allows you to w-tap your first hit and start a combo.

so that’s how hitselecting works, but how do you do it?

well, head towards them and let them hit you first. make sure you are holding w as you are doing this. after they’ve hit you, you are going to want to do a w-tap, and then, wait until your knockback from the hit has been dealt and your opponent is within your reach. once this happens, just land a hit on them and start a combo!

now they are taking knockback backwards while you advance toward them, keeping the spacing the same, which gives you the advantage of being in control of your movement.

anyways, what do you guys think?

Great explanation!

thanks! i do try

So your idea is to let them hit you and make it where they win if they have more health or if your equal they win also 2 years may be a bit of an exaggeration sense while the game I think may have come out about 2 years ago that was beta pretty much very different I think the best way is feinting and throwing your sword if you need to get your bearings again

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Doing that will let you land more blows as long as you can and take no damage

yeah exactly

well how many years ago did swordbattle.io get the kb we have now? i will update the title

It changes based on evol so the moment evol changed so 2 summers ago the biggest changes happened to knock-back


That’s interesting…


yeah p interesting right?

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