Trapper Branch (credit to cosmidragon for idea)

Offense. Defense. Offense. Defense. This is an endless cycle of our current evolutions. One gets better KB, size, health, and regen, while the other gets superior walk speed, attack speed, and damage. The cycle repeats, and only has small variation. A fight is won by the player whose ability goes off cooldown first. We must break this cycle. Introducing… THE TRAPPER BRANCH!

The point of this branch is to be able to control space with their abilities, which go off cooldown quickly. They are also good for camping, and if you know where their traps and structures are and how to avoid them, a trapper branch on your team can be invaluable. The trapper branch is also unique in the function where it has three evolutions instead of two, and this change was made so this hopefully could get added in the “New Evol Storage” post fingers crossed. Now, onto the Evos!

Evo 1: Builder


130% walk speed

105% attack speed

110% size

90% throw cooldown (only 90% of the cooldown; it is faster)

75% KB

80% damage

Special Ability- Wall Raise

The builder raises a wall near their cursor that cannot be walked through. It has the health and size of a gold chest, and stays until destroyed. It has a 30 sec cooldown, and multiple can be placed at a time.

Evo 2 (branches off builder): Architect


130% walk speed

90% attack speed

100% size

100% throw cooldown

125% KB

125% damage

Special Ability- Sword Raise

The architect raises a wall of swords near their cursor that cannot be walked through. Every time an enemy walks into these swords, they get damaged and knocked back with an identical effect to when they are hit by a sword. However, the wall does only half the damage that the architect would do. It has the health and size of a gold chest, and stays until destroyed. It has a 60 sec cooldown, and multiple can be placed at a time.

Evo 3 (branches off builder): Hunter


130% walk speed

100% attack speed

85% size

140% throw cooldown

70% KB

125% damage

Special Ability- Pointy Trap

The hunter places down a trap where they are standing. This trap is the hunter’s size and has the health of a gold chest. If an enemy walks into the trap, then they suffer from 25% walk speed and glow blue on the minimap to the hunter. Also, there is a damage over time effect applied to the victim in the trap, and their health will be completely drained in a minute if they fail to get out. It has a 80 sec cooldown, and multiple can be placed.

Evo 4 (branches off builder): Thruster


100% walk speed

90% attack speed

110% size

65% throw cooldown

70% KB

130% damage

Special Ability- Sword Thrust

The thruster throws a sword (not the sword from the skin) into the ground where the cursor is. After 5 seconds, the hilt starts glowing, and after 7 seconds, the sword explodes, dealing the damage of 5 sword swings. 90 sec cooldown.

This is one of my first topics, so I’ll be very excited to hear your feedback!

Skins for these will come soon, stay tuned!

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A couple of thibgs:

  1. Make the first evol skin soon so i can convonce gautam to add the start of this evol line for v2
  2. This will not be in new evol storage sry. Not until thefirst 2 evol branches of this get added
  3. No not three make it 2 for the second branch. Be consostent woth game
  4. It will needs some fine tuning and i just hope uk this is liable to change even if base idea is taken. Hope thats fine with u.

Just great. Love it


Sounds good. Finally we’ll have a counter for being trapped in corner by warrior ability

Nice idea, will see if I can add after v2

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OH i understand it now thx zarooma


Thanks for the feedback! Which Evolution should i scrap?

yeah like how you betrayed me the other day

Ill modify the evols a bit later. Maybe tmrw. But in the end when it is gud enuf for. Game ill put in storage

Make sense so then u can add both branches at once+stall so u can add third branch for all three at same time

A few announcements to make-

  1. Manage idk what you are saying please specify+rephrase
  2. A skin contest is being hosted! The best skin I’ve made is… horrible. So make some skins for these classes (or, alternatively an overlay of the class)!
  3. ok voting time! Vote for the two classes you want to keep! And don’t vote for your least favorite!
  • Thruster
  • Hunter
  • Architect
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I didn’t read anything

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nice :sunglasses:

hey this wont be added until after v2…


“thruster?” that name is a little…strange…

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lack of a better name…

what’s the skins look like

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same this is fire

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