Weapon teirlist

i made this cuz no one made 1 soooo

S tier
Champ (most abusive weapon)
HOLY (broken when mastered)
Excabuliator (nerf this bruh)
sniper (op dmg and flick makes better)
alc (nerf wayyy to broken)
broomstick (wayyy to broken)
dragoon (untouchable)
plasma bow (PLLS NERF THIS SO OP)
rocketeer (annoying)
A tier
mirror (broken but no one uses it)
spear/spork (this is op with a mouse)
slasher (same as excabliator but a bit worse)
puncher (funn troll weapon)
fire caster (op ahh weapon for runners)
shotgun (bit better but not rlly)
pistol (good aim a broken)
behemoth (broken when use correctly)
crossbow (good aim great weapon)
blunderbuss (pro noob weapon)
B tier
unbrellar (op but useless ngl)
giant (ez to lose)
paladin (not the best)
lancer (fastest cd to use)
scythe (cool weapon)
railgun (my opinion it’s good for me)
gernade/bommer (op ngl)
C tier
minigun (TRASHHH)
swordman (bad but when mastered might be useful)
sabre (not that bad)
shield (basically swordsman)
cakel launcher (most unused weapon)
cannon (slow easily predicted)
D tier
bow/markman (bad)
wingbow (worse than bow)
katana (bot weapon)

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am not done

put pistol in S tier now that I’ve just discovered it

solar flare?

i disagree

I disagree.

I unagree


said am noy done

Oh i didnt see that lol

i’d say using katana to get to it makes it a fair ranking, katana is absolutely garbage

Well accaully :nerd_face: :point_up: I believe Holy is better than Champ

Sabre isn’t half bad, I actually almost survived a 1v5 with it (or I just got lucky)

Erm this needs more love