Weird data loss

Sort of a continuation from this topic

So yeah, I went onto swordbattle and I noticed I got logged out, but I didn’t think that was really a problem. When I logged back in though I noticed I got the popup from being an og player again, and I lost all my xp from v2. I also lost all the v2 skins I bought (got the gems back though) and when I bought them all back the button would still say “buy” after I already clicked it, and when I clicked it again I’d just be prompted with “user already owns this skin” and it only fixed once I re-open the shop.

I was pretty confused by this, but now I’m even more confused as the coin leaderboards and all of those are wiped and the daily xp leaderboard is now showing stats from a couple hours ago
also it says I last played yesterday for some reason

Yea I redid the migration again to fix some issues, sorry about that it did wipe the new v2 db.

this is a seperate bug which Im not even sure why it does that, gonna fix it soon.


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