What are some Underrated and Overrated skins?

G-MAN here with another question for the community: What are some Underrated and Overrated skins? There are Lots of skins in the game, but it seems to have been narrowed down since there are no more “OG” skins. Now thats good, as people (like yours truly) are now designing new skins an concepts for the game (well for gautam actually), but it feels that with the decrease in the number of skins nowadays that there are lots of underrated an overrated skins. I wanna see what ya’ll consider the most underrated an overrated skin in the game, whether it be a new one or an oldie. I think this might change the perspective of some people’s views on skins. What do you think, G?

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I’ll go first:
Underrated- Pawn
Overrated-Masked Phoenix

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Extremely underrated: udon

Fr it’s not even that good

Also underrated: Miner and Snowglobe, I’ve never seen anyone use them even though they are really good skins >:(


Because most people can’t afford them :skull:

I’m just grinding for a 1 mil gem skin.


ngl I think most of the skins are fairly rated.

Sure there are some skins with not as many buys as they should have but for the most part, the more expensive they cost, the less people are able to buy them…

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Why are people broke? Like getting both Miner and snowglobe takes a decent amount of time but getting snowglobe is 2 months of healthy grinding

2 MONTHS OF HEALTHY GRINDING, he says. Thats crazy.


You can get 25k xp (5k gems) for 2 accounts in a hour if you grind efficiently (you can see my guide here)
if you grind 50k xp per hour (2 hours per day aka 8% of the day which is a health amount right?) This means you can get 10k gems per day. Do this for 75 days and you can get miner skin!!

No such thing

1- My bad, G. I just assume everyone on SB is a guy.
2- Why did you just send me the scientific molecular equation to getting xp and gems?( :arrow_left:thats a Joke). I mean thanks, but I don’t think I can grind all that. I hop on SB almost everyday, but I’m not sure if I earn 5k gems per an HOUR. Besides, how do you use 2 accounts to gain more xp? How does that work?

read my guide

true, after 2 hours of grinding my method I want to jump of a cliff

I’d say, one of the most underrated skins in OG days would have been the anniversary skin, since its not even used that much, and not even now by those who own it besides myself (I do use the anniversary skin, since I own it)

you spelled “off” wrong. Its off, not of. You don’t jump of a cliff you jump off a cliff. :grinning:

You dare use my own spells against me, Potter?


-underrated microwave bush monke
-overrated dragon masked pheonix scythe

Is the masked phoenix shin not good why is it overrated what did I make wrong

Its good, it’s just that SOOO many people use it cuz of how it looks. Thats a good thing for you, but it makes the skin overrated.

It’s overrated because clearly snowglobe and miner are better smh why can’t kids these days save up

fr fr, I ain’t buying any other skin until I save up to get Miner.