When did you get your cool dude badge

Continuing the discussion from petition to give uri cool dude badge:

when did you get your cool dude badge? i got mine on day 14


im not a cool dude so i dont deserve one

My birthday (Thanks fish)

I got mine when helping with disconnecting bug and reporting it topic link Disconnection Bug!

I have not gotten cool dude badge yet, but i’m still waiting

Yeah I kinda want to get it but idk if im cool enough

Feb 13.

here (too lazy to chechk date)

Shut it.

Cooless bros!

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i got mine when i said manage cool (or maybe not?)


i did not get mine yet how do i get that badge?

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A mod or admin has to give it to you


oh ok yea im never getting that then

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Maybe, maybe not. Maybe someday you’ll get it


I’m never gonna get this.

coder gives it t you manually i got mine when i helped him get back acol to the forum

I wonder for what reason I got mine. My guess was because of the swordbattle tournament.