Why can’t I equip different skins?

When I press the “equip” button it says “equipping” and then just goes back to “equip” rather than “equipped” @gautam

Ask gautam

1st bug and 3rd bug on this topic is probably what you’re talking about

Is there a fix? And you’re right it is the second big though I’m not sure about buying since I have bought them all

not sure whats causing it but i heard @TigerLizzycgkck has this problem?

I would assume it is something to do with the big that makes me have to log in again over and over

Could be, did you try chrome and do you have the same issue there too? And is this a recent bug or happening ever since v2

Happening since v2 and I will try chro

It is the same story on chrome aswell

Maybe try getting a brain cell or 2 more. I’m sure then you could figure it out : )

yea, so i click equip, and i shows that it is equipping, but it doesn’t show that its equipped.
it just goes back to the skin it was on(for me anniversary) idk who played on my acc

(also i am a bit suspicious of somone hacking)

YEA same
btw it fixed for me today, idk what happened

gautam told me to send screenshot/recording if happens again.

Huh that’s odd did you not do anything either?

no, i just went on a second time like a few hrs later, and it worked

Idk, prob it fixes itself? Or probably just a bug

It’s probably related to the account bug

yea, idk prob just bug that disables it from being equipped. idk shouldn’t be that important tho.

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