wither king goodbye.


Come on, man. We used to play Swordbattle together. We were the best back then, at least for our ranks. You were somewhere around 70, and I was lingering around 100. We had our strategies, our inside jokes, and our victories. We were more than just players; we were friends, bound by the thrill of the game and the time we spent together.

Yet, I left. I had to focus on school. It felt like I had no choice, but looking back, I wonder if I could have managed things differently. You and Oyoy were my closest online friends, and leaving without a word haunts me. I didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t explain. I just vanished, hoping that everything would be fine without me.

The game isn’t the same now. The new players are too good. They play so much, and their skills put us OGs to shame. It’s disheartening to see the game evolve in an almost alien way. But you, Wither, you were the heart of it all. You created the whole game’s value. Players like you meant something profound to the community. You were a legend, someone people looked up to. People respected you. I respected you. Your presence brought a sense of camaraderie and purpose that’s hard to find.

I remember the nights we spent strategizing, the laughter, the shared frustrations, and the victories that felt like they meant the world. Those moments weren’t just about the game but about the connections we formed. You and Oyoy made the game a place where I felt I belonged, where we all felt like a part of something bigger.

Now, everything feels different. The new players don’t understand the history or the bonds we forged. They play intensely, sometimes making the game feel cold and unwelcoming. The community has changed, but the memories of what it used to be linger in my mind, making me long for those days.

However, you were a beacon of what the game stood for. Your dedication, skill, and kindness all shaped the community in ways that are still felt. You made a difference, and that’s something that can’t be easily replaced.

Please, come back someday. The game isn’t the same without you. I know things change, and time moves on, but some part of me holds on to the hope that we can revive the spirit of what once was. I’ll be waiting, Wither, holding on to those memories and hoping that maybe we can find our way back to that place together.

I miss you, my friend.

no they’re not lmao 99% of them don’t even know how to use an ability offensively


Bro message him on discord he aint gonna see this

whats his discord?

And why are you putting a skull emoji on my post ._.




Im skulling myself cuz I was being dumb

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lol your so true

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for them its
tank and samurai abil: regen
every other abil: run

umm… actually :nerd_face: :point_up:

believe me, you made me cry ;[

maybe I’ll come back in the future, mostly because the truth is, I would like to continue talking to many of you, and stopping connecting wouldn’t let me talk to those who are not on the forum or other social networks