(yt channel?!) an announcement for you guys

so for a while i’ve wanted a swordbattle.io youtube channel, but have never done anything about it…until now.

with shadow’s help, i have created a new account that i can put my yt channel under! it will be a little different from WASD’s or Shadowblade’s content, and will include more hitsyncs and styling.

other than that, though, expect some similarities to their content! let me know what you guys think in forum and in youtube through comments once i publish my first video -

which, spoiler alert - is gonna be my first and worst hitsync! (xd what was that)

my channel is linked here:

(shadowblade helped me make a new acc for me, ty!)

working on my first vid now!

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i forgot i get notification when you text. here an idea tho if you guys ever make a video and one of you guys is recording only one on a video better make sure u tell who doing the video *probaly by giving urself guys a username swordbattle youtube tag. idk just in case.

no prob, thats fine!

ooh thats a cool idea, i have my tag set at _incog but i will see what i can do!

make video’s teaching moves

bro gonna be having everyone doing 360 on everyone if he does.idk if it real i never seen him do it

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yeah, im also talking about teaching things such as hit timing, crosshair placement and all the things i struggled with as a new sb player

yeah i will make some tutorials with those

be careful when i say someone will know ur next move.

u will lol :]

It shouldn’t ask for a phone number. You can use any plain google account from my knowledge

ik but it says

here ill send a screenshot

:augh: i forgot to tell everyone something

i forgot to tell you guys that the short youtube vs youtube is still active.

Are you already logged in your google account?

update: shadowblade helped me make a new yt acc, so thanks!

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Nice! excited to see your videos.

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2 more subs for u!

im gonna spam your comments with ill suck your incognitoes

Nice man Ill watch your vids also this is VERY IMPORTANT Where does you guys live? Or what time zone? Very important!

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