every ones dreams in realmz

2.500+ kills
3.5000+ lvls
4.kill dn
5.kill clapz
6.toxic for life
7.best skillled player and a sweat
8.kill noobs
9.amog us skin


not even

custom weapons

no custom weapons tardo :skull:

Custom weapons exist
Tbh custom weapon > among us skin

  1. ez
  2. Do u mean in total or in 1 play? 500 in total is ez
  3. Impossible
  4. Did that once
  5. Same as 4
  6. That’s not hard that’s easily doable
  7. That will never happen until all of DN leaves the game
  8. Way too ez
  9. That’s ez just pay 5 bucks. Besides, among us kinda dead…

i mean people want to make custom loadouts

Oh cool, 4 seems pretty easy for me.

Does a kys on myself.


didn’t know being toxic was a dream

You didn’t know because you were toxic.

Um, no I’m not, bud. I’m just the innocent owner of DA and DR who gets bullied and harrassed by this TheDarkLord fella and his alternate ego Player1. Those meanies won’t stop trying to steal my clan. :rage:

@incognitoes thoughts :skull:

I said that you “were” toxic not that you are toxic currently. Did you never learn about “were” at school or someplace where you learned basic English grammar??

I never was toxic, little fella. The fact that you’re trying to insult me right now is clear evidence of your toxicity. Get banned, toxic bully. @futurepear ban this S tier toxic sweat

isnt there alr an amogus skin? Iirc its the astronaut skin.

How is asking a question an insult? Also, if I am toxic, you are toxic too, because you insulted me by saying “toxic bully”.

no? calling someone a toxic bully is not a insult if it is true


Exactly. We must ban this darklord bully. His shenanigans have gone undetected for too long, and it pains me to to say that he is still in this game spewing his toxicity. He should have been banned long ago when he bullied me and Prookl, trying to ghastlight us into giving him our clan.

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prookl better fr fr

@TheDarkLord At what lengths will you go to troll me? I know that you are an S tier pro and I respect that, but why are you so insistent on bullying me? I know I am a mediocre C tier noob, but does that really justify your actions against me? Seriously, dude, you need to stop.

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