Need evolution ideas

Since y’all are so impatient, I decided to do a mini update before v2 that has some new evolutions.

Anyone have any ideas? If you want your idea to be accepted, give me the following things

  1. Evol name
  2. Evol skin (optional, bonus points if you provide the skin tho)
  3. Evol stats
  4. Evol’s ability stats
  5. Evol’s ability cooldown time

I will pick a few of the best ideas and add them. Thanks!



Look at V2 idea dump or New Evol Storage


berserker but at home

  1. The Dark Knight (Batman)
  2. no skin yet
  3. Faster then knight, attack speed is greater and damage is increased, but health and health regeneration is less
  4. Same as knight (with new stats) but it can go into slow motion
  5. 80 seconds
    this would be a tier 3 evol
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@Nukes post ur idea here

What angel said cosmic made a whole thing already


Pls send link here. Also if there is any other threads of evolutions please send them in this topic.

I didn’t read a lot of stuff here lol


Right here evol storage is the better one more organized


Name: Overdrive
Skin: (Might make one, please give me idea’s)
Base Stats:

+ 100% Speed Increase
+ 10% Knockback Increase
- 10% Reach Increase
- 10% Health Decrease
- 10% Size Decrease

Ability Stats:

+ 25% Size Increase
+ 25% Reach Increase
+ 25% Knockback Increase
+ 200% Speed Increase (Yea thats right. 200% Speed Increase.)
+ Lasts 10 seconds

Cooldown: 50

The idea behind this:
Most evolutions are absolutely slow, even with the ability. We need a new evolution that speeds the game up and makes it fun. This evol is definitely unbalanced but the main point is speed, distance, and time.

(I’m not very good at deciding stats so some suggestions to help would be nice!)

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Idea for overdrive skin, an old late 90’s computer with sparks coming out with a techno colour scheme


@gautam check my featured topic for the idea, cosmicwarlord changed it up and nerfed it a bit (the tree cosmic is talking about in the post below is the trapper branch)


@gautam my featured topic has new wave of 3 evols but my V2 Idea Dump has a new tree altogether


(evol name) FOREST DEMON
(evol skin) I’m bad at making skins tbh leave it to the skin making pros…
(evol stats) idk stats at all so yea…
(evols ability stats) make it strong and have trees spinning around it that does damage
(evol ability cooldown time) probably like 60 secs like the rest of them


welp i have given many idea’s to manage and one’s made it so worth a try
The Bloodwolf:
Idk who’s making the skin, go figure
Speed increase: x2
Damage increase x1.75?
Lifesteal: 1/2 of damage
Health: 0.9?
Throw also lifesteals but only during ability
Throw also damage increases, sword goes x1.25 quicker, and after damage increase, lifesteal 1/2 of damage.
Prob not gonna be added but worth a try

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1.5x offense
0.4x defense
1.7x speed
1.5x hit cooldown
Ability: 2.6x attack
Normal defense
2.1x speed
1.1x cooldown.
Lasts 5 seconds
Cooldown: 120 seconds.
Evols from beserker.

Seems a bit too powerful

The more mobility in general:
0.9x offense
0.9x defense
2x speed
0.9x hit cooldown
Ability: +50% speed (dash)
Lasts: 0.5 seconds
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Yeah. Im going to nerf it a bit.

Will the update come before summer?